Everyone Should Be Great

I’m not sure there is a lesson to be learned from the Mets release of Johan Santana. That young hurlers of the future which is starting to emerge in the game of baseball must be piped down from the pedestal of excellence which Mets fans have cherished for years.

I’m not just going to stop at “Everyone is not a bust” either. If you really understand the business of baseball/fantasy baseball, you will gain a new perspective with regards to making critical decisions such as these.

Santos’ career was viewed as one of continuous potential and EZIP, all of which has been targeting the next big superstar that the big shot GM’s eagerly wait for. He seemed to be the magic behind the Colorado Rockies run at the pennant in 2012. Reynolds’ career is in a similar fashion.

Think about the early career of each stud, and I’m not only going to talk about Santana, but with all due respect to Reynolds, who we can now officially call a bust.

Albert Pujols. อมควย If anyone ever had the makings to become the Michael Jordan of the baseball world, it was Pujols. His stats speak for themselves and he is the first man since Barry Bonds to do the unimaginable and I mean the Brady Bicket determined that he will forever be in the conversation when it comes to the all-time greats from the game of baseball.

In 2013, he may even surpass the exploits of the immortal Babe Ruth. He has been a consistent All-Star the past three seasons, and he has averaged 110 runs a season for the past three years, as well as boasted an ERA of 3.36 and 7 wins for the past five years. คลิปไทยเด็ดๆ His inclusion to the All-Time 20 O Schools along with other greats like Albert Pujols and Barry Sanders certainly validates his status as an elite player in the sport.

At 25, Andy Phillips’ days may be finished. He is too old to produce the type of stats he did in his first 100 games. He is no longer a sure thing and he may very well never be. หนังการ์ตูน He is just now entering his prime and he hasn’t even hit his prime so you would think that he will be up against it whenever it comes to fantasy production. In 2013, he will be strictly Draft Day Rookie material to boot. Perhaps a touch too young to be expected to produce like Pujols and a bit early to be an impact player, but Phillips is the type of player that can earn himself a nice legacy.

In 2012, Cole Hamels awoke from being dead on his heals all season and finally lived up to the promise that he showed in the previous season. He finished with a sub 1.50 ERA for the first time in his career and he led the league in strikeouts with 68. He also managed to strike out 126 batters while only walking 40 of them.

He has all of the tools and can be expected to produce similar performances as he did last year. นักเรียนญี่ปุ่น He will only be 26 by the start of the year and still has time to improve defensively as well as his OFF Season Value.

It is no surprise to see another young lefthander hit the scene. waay back in 2011 when he went to the bullpen. His season was not as brilliant as it was the previous season, but he was very solid and given the short leash to one of the best ratios in baseball definitely went a long way in his maturity as a big league hurler.

His physical potential is through the roof. He is built well and in my opinion at six-foot-five, 197 pounds, he has the size to be an impact hurler. His accuracy and changeup are both very good and out-pitch his fastball by a long shot.

However, I am very concerned that he has only thrown 29 innings over the past two seasons. The rate in which he throws innings is dropping which has a direct correlation to his effectiveness as a starter. A low ERA and K/BB almost go hand in hand with success as a starter, but if he became an inning-eater that would become a recipe for disaster. He is a fantastic outing and the last thing you want is for him to be effective as a middle reliever again.

His fastball is still horrendous and he has trouble keeping the ball in the park. He will need to fix that if he is to have a long and successful major league career. เว็บหนังใหม่ There are very few pitchers in the game today that have the breaking ball and great changeup. Waay also has a fantastic curveball, but it has not been able to be kept in the park due to the tight rotation. He will need to fix that if he wishes to be effective as a starter or a reliever.

His great move is his slider. It has been described as one of the hardest pitches to hit in baseball.